Why do hotel towels have great quality?

Hotel towels have great quality, cozy softness, outstanding water absorbency that we all know, but why?

We all know hotel towels most are white. White color make hotel owners easy to take care of towels and customers feel comfortable.

In addition, the white color towels exposure it’s inherent quality of material. The fine yarn has great luster and nice white color, in contrast the dying towels , the luster most are covered, so it is harder to identify quality by seeing for customers, the quality only can be discerned by use for a while. Here is the sharpshooter’s opportunity, they use poor material , such as regenerated cotton, rayon in stead of original cotton.luxurious-hotel-bath-towels-20151030018

Hotel towels must be replaced as soon as customers leaving, they most time are not damaged by customer but washing machine. Hotel towels are not alike household towels that need not so harsh washing and bleaching and rinse.Further more , considering cost, the hotels can not afford to change bath towels in high frequency.

So, the quality of hotel towels is demanding. And manufacture qualified hotel towels is not easy actually, it request many conditions, from choice material to each processing . Reliable towels manufacturer must do his best to keep the standards of manufacturing and stability. You can not assure 100 percent products are qualified, so the effectively strict quality inspection is necessary and critical.

In practice, the newly arrive hotel towels will receive water washing and dry to make it fluffy and more clean, better touch, better water absorbency.

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