What Make the Hotel Towel Different?

Bathroom towels is one of the every-day household articles, there are bath sheets,bath towels, hand towels and facecloth further more guest towels. These towels are most cotton terry. As usually , household towels are colorful and with many enticing designs, such as jacquard, embroidery, printing and so on .

On the other hand if you have been stayed in hotel , you will remember that almost all the bathroom towels in the hotel are white and simple. Hotel towels are usually more durable,softer and more powerful water absorbency than home use terry towels.

Hotel towels generally has three styles:

Plain weave, with loops on both sides
Dobby weave, features ornamental border or band where without loops
One color jacquard, can weave various in relief embossed floral patterns, text, logo

Hotel towels luxury is various to hotel ‘s requests. Economical hotel usually use 21s/2 or 32s/2 ring spin yarn 100% cotton,and above 4 star hotels usually use luxury 16s single spiral ring spun yarn, weight generally above 600gsm, have plush long piles that make the towel luxurious, excellent water absorbent.

There is strict requirement of breaking strength of hotel towel, because hotel towel must stand up to continual washing machine washing, so certain durability is necessary.

Why hotel towels almost are white or light color?

Firstly, Because that can assure the guests that the towels is clean, since on the contrast of white or light color any stain on the white hotel towels would be found easily.

Secondly, White color use less dyeing agent, means more environment-friendly.

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