Towel and terry cloth, the differences and connections

Terry cloth is a heavy fabric with loops pile on the both sides or just one side of them.

Those loops give the towel power of absorption.

Towels are made of terry cloth, a rectangular terrycloth are woven on the loom with certain size and borders which without loops/piles on them. After dyeing washing etc. processes, the towel will be cut along the border , then hem the border.

Normal bath towels are almost all oblong with four ends finished in hem.

There are some round towels for beach , that edge finished with bounding.

Terry cloth just like normal cloth, a long roll usually cut into 20~50 meter according to thickness of it. The standard width of terry cloth is 150cm, some are 160cm, other size width need custom-making.

Terry cloth usually used to make bathrobe or round beach towels, and hooded towels , some times use to make bath wraps for women. If we use terry cloth to make towels the towels must be bound by bounding.

Towels and terry cloth all can be processed by cutting loops off one side of them, We call what we got terry velour towel or terry velour cloth.

The side with loops cut off is so smooth that it looks like a velvet or velour.

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