Tips of the use of towels

Towels use can be divided into: bath towel, washcloth, hand towels,bathmat, terry pillow covers and other fabrics; According to terry distribution can be divided into: single-sided and double-sided towel; according to the production process,towel can be divided into: weaving after bleach or weaving before bleach; according to mode of production can be divided into: plain, color, printing, terry, plain weave, jacquard, section profile, helix and the like.

First, buy

1, buy towels, should go to reputable large shopping malls or supermarkets , choose the reliable manufacturer’s products.

2, the identification view towel products, towel state identification must indicate: manufacturer, address, product name or specifications, ingredients, maintenance methods, product standards, safety classes and so on.

2, towels sewn should be fine, neat, terry height smooth, pure color bright, no uneven depth phenomenon were as good.

3, the feel, the texture should be chosen fluffy soft towel. Such a towel in his hand touched the elastic, attached to the face, giving the feeling of a soft cheek, towels should not dry hard, so as not to damage the skin. In general, high-quality towels feel softer, fluffy and elastic, pat lint off.

4, high-quality towels did not smell. If candles taste or smell of ammonia, indicating an excess softener; if sour, pH value may be excessive; if there is a pungent smell, then use a fixing agent containing formaldehyde, formaldehyde has precipitated.

Second, the quality of identification towel

1, hygroscopic. Hanging towel, hand towel after cleaning the bathroom to throw, do not tumble drops, indicating water absorption; if drops of water rolled down, the tips towel softener excessive or insufficient refining.

2, color fastness. First about 80 ℃ hot water into the basin, then put the towel up and down poppet eliminating wash basin water is not discolored by as well. If significant Lase, it indicates poor printing quality, hinder human health.

3, the edge of a towel ring yarn out of a wound in a circle, the fire ignited, burning quickly, gray and black ash, light and no residue is cotton or regenerated cellulose fibers. If no net fuel combustion ash lumps, indicating yarn is mixed with a chemical synthetic blended yarn.

Third, maintenance

Place a towel should be kept in dry and ventilated place to prevent the breeding of various types of bacteria from spots or increase the service life of the towel. After a period of time, you can wash with water plus the amount of alkaline detergent added to a dispersion of vinegar soak 10 minutes, rinse with water, will be very fluffy, dry. Do not use household bleach water bleach towel, so as not to damage the skin, in order to avoid color towels fade.

Long-term use easily contaminated with bacteria towel, for health reasons, to be replaced after a certain time. In general, personal towel for 30 days or so should be replaced, most should not exceed 40 days. Of course, ordinary family is not so frequently, it can be considered a towel disinfection, which is often contaminated with body secretions because the towel, of which there are many pathogenic microorganisms, such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Shower Ball Inn and mold, etc. Therefore, to promote sterilization each week.

The most common method of disinfection:
First steam sterilization method, the towel first with boiling water about 10 minutes, then use soapy water to clean, dry, ready to use;
The second is the microwave disinfection, clean towel, folded in a microwave oven, run for 5 minutes to reach disinfection purposes;
Third is the high-pressure steam sterilization method, the place towels into the pressure cooker and heated for 30 minutes or so, you can kill the vast majority of microorganisms; four chemical disinfectant method, But less ordinary household disinfectants can choose the cleaning disinfectant diluted 200 times, immerse the towels in the solution for 15 minutes before rinsing with water, to remove residual disinfectant clean, safe to use again after drying.

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