Quality Criteria of terry towels

The towels we talk about here is terrycloth towel which have pile loops on both sides or on one sides the back side loops are cut.

The following are the standards or criteria to assess the towel’s grade.

  1. Tearing strength . It is about the grade of material such as cotton and damage in dyeing and bleach process.

banded bath towel, piece dyed, solid color
banded bath towel, piece dyed, solid color

  1. Yarn size: 21s single or two ply, 32s/2,16s/1 . This index tell about the yarn thick or thin, theoretically more coarse more strong.
  2. Anti-pilling . This index relate the cotton quality, especially about the fiber, long and straight fibre less pilling.
  3. Weight or Yarn counts and error band. It is about the towel’s thickness or grammage .
  4. Color fastness 3~5 grade

5.1 light color fastness
5.2 crocking color fastness
5.2.1 wet
5.2.2 dry
5.3 washing color fastness 1~5 grade
5.4 bleach color fastness
5.4.1 hydrogen peroxide
5.4.2 chlorine
5.5 perspiration color fastness
5.6 saliva color fastness
5.7 stain

  1. Stitches of hem and selvage
  2. Water absorbency ( less than 10s) ASTM D4772 – 09
  3. Dimensions and error range
  4. Shrinkage
  5. Pile fall-off rate
  6. Material 100% cotton

12.Safety standard, the limited use of certain chemicals Oeko-Tex Standard 100

  1. Slippage resistance
  2. yarn broken
  3. Hole , not allowed
  4. Oblique weft
  5. Missing stitch
  6. No backstitch
  7. Lineal defects , not allowed
  8. streak defects , not allowed
  9. lumpy defects , not allowed

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