Which size towels do you need?

Size of towels vary by country.

Size of Terry towels in USA

I need:Buy:Usually measures around:
A post-bathing towel that is big enough to really wrap myself up in.Bath Sheet: This towel is a little larger than a bath towel-which makes it great for drying off and wrapping up in.35” by 60″ – 70″
A standard towel for drying off post-shower or bath.Bath Towel: The standard body towel for drying after a shower or bath.27″ by 52″ – 58″30″ by 55″(eu)
Something to use to wash my face or body.Washcloth: These are usually used in and out of the bathtub or shower for body, hands, and face.13″ by 13″
A towel for drying up after washing my hands.Hand Towel: For drying hands after washing. (Note: hand towels get used a lot, so look for durable options when selecting these).16″ by 28″ – 30″20″ by 30″(eu)
A pretty little towel for guests to use when they’ve washed their hands.Fingertip Towel: These are a bit smaller than standard hand towels. They’re often used in guest bathrooms, or when entertaining-sometimes layered with hand towels for display.11″ by 18″
Something on the floor when stepping in or out of the shower.Tubmat: Dense and absorbent, a tubmat is placed on the floor for stepping out of the tub or shower.22″ by 34″

Size of Terry towels  in UK

Product sizes are outlined below in centimetres

ProductSize (cm)
Face Flannel30 x 30
Hand Towel50 x 90
Bath Towel70 x 135
Bath Sheet100 x 150
Jumbo Towel100 x 180

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