What are the terry cloth and kinds and difference

A pile fabric, usually woven of cotton, with uncut loops on both sides, used for bath towels and robes. Also called terry cloth.
The terry cloth features loops on it’s surface which designed to absorb water and keep warm.
By woven method or machine, terry cloth can be divided in woven terry cloth and knitting terry cloth, knitting can be further divide in to weft knitting and warp knitting terry cloth.
Woven terry cloth is made of three kinds thread : warp threads, loops and weft threads. This is typical fabric for towels and bathrobes. It features thick and long piles, use weight to designate the thickness,usually range 350~1150GSM. Such terry cloth always with uncut loops piles on both sides, when one side’s loops was cut, we call it terry velour or just velour.

Terry velour cloth

Knitting terry cloth can optional has uncut loops on both sides or just one side, the other side is plain, so do warp knitting terry cloth. They are knitted by different machine and technics.

Knitting terry cloth

Weft knitting terry cloth is stretchy and warp knitting is more stable. Knitting terry cloth all can be use to make robes , they are more lighter compared with woven terry, usually 180~300GSM.

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