Seven Precautions of hotel towels washing

Seven Precautions of hotel towels washing

Firstly, why is towel fragile after washing?

  1. Bleaches especially chlorine bleaches concentration is too high, causing the fabric fibers brittle.
  2. Chlorine bleaching agent, PH value is too low, the fiber strength will be significantly dwindled.
  3. Excessive bleaching and bleaching temperature is too high to make, and damage the fiber.
  4. long-term high-temperature, high alkaline main wash, resulting in fiber strength reduced.
  5. Washing water level is too low, leaving the fabric mechanical friction to increase damage.

6 using an excess of acid agent, cotton fabric is acid-sensitive, acid can significantly reduce the strength of cotton fiber.

Second, why have broken down or pinhole damage on the fabric after washing?

  1. High concentration of Chlorine bleach content, leading to excessive reaction of chlorine bleach and acid;
  2. High concentrations of undiluted lye dripping directly onto the fabric, resulting in local spots or pinholes hole generation.

Third, the hotel washing equipment washing cause fabric damage, may be:

  1. sharp objects hook broken, stabbed and transportation process pull broken, dragging broken and other human damage. Rinse immediately after
  2. uses no corrosive detergent.

Fourth, why the hotel towels turn graying or yellowing after washing ?

1, Rinsing is not sufficient, detergent residual impurities cause dirt on top of the fabric is not completely removed;

2, high water hardness, such as the use of ground water for washing, groundwater must be processed by softening equipment before use.

3, softener dosage is too high, or did not rinse thoroughly after chlorine bleaching cause yellowing.

4, water quality is poor, the iron content is too high.

5, Shoddy brightener.

Fifth, why the hotel after washing equipment washing fabrics fade?

1, the misuse of detergent, such as the use of high alkalinity or acidity of a detergent, such as 84 disinfectant.

2, the washing temperature is too high.

Sixth, the hotel washing equipment washing fabric bleached yellow, probably due to:

1, synthetic fabrics, cotton fabric finishing washing can not use chlorine bleach.

2, over the water shortage, resulting detergent residue.

Seven, after washing towel washing equipment hotel abnormal breakage, may be:
1, the set washing time is too long;

2, wash water level is too low;

3, dehydration, too fast;

4, when washing alkaline or too acidic;

5, the use of chlorine bleaching agent, excessive or incorrect.

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