Knowledge of towels you must know about

Here the towels we talk about is terry towels use in bathroom, pool, garden.

Firstly, we can classify towels by material:

  • 100 percent cotton
  • cotton/polyester
  • Microfiber 20% polyamide, 80% polyester
  • cotton/bamboo rayon

Secondly , catalog according yarn count/size

  • 21s/1 or 21s double ply ring spun yarn
  • 32s double ply ring spun yarn
  • 16s single ply spiral ring spun yarn
  • 40s double ply ring spun yarn
  • open-end spun yarn
  • zero-twist yarn

Thirdly, We categorize these towels by the usageļ¼š

  • Bath towels, heavy and water absorbent, usually ,us to dry up water on skin, head and wrap around waist to keep warm.
  • Bath sheets, larger bath towels.
  • Hand towels, dry hand
  • Wash cloth or face cloth , flannel, face towel , whatever it is called, It is used to wash face and body
  • Bath rugs, it is placed on the bathroom floor for put on feet after bath, high density, excellent water absorbency.

Forth, the towels can be categorized in to hotel towels/institution towels and household bathroom towels

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