How to deal with the fading of hotel bedding in washing

Hotel bedding
Abstract:Hotel bedding will appear more or less fade problem during cleaning, once fade, it will affect the hotel bedding beautiful look, For the hotel, it will increase a little trouble.
Our stay at the hotel, you will find a lot of hotel bedding are in white. Why? We all know that white is a color spectrum of light contains all the colors, generally considered to be “colorless”. White lightness is highest, so giving a clean visual sense. The white was chosen by hotel for easy cleaning, but also for consideration the rooms clean and tidy.

With the continuous development of society, living standards continue to improve, consumers also enhance the pursuit, the pursuit of enjoyment has been the mainstream of modern man. In white colored hotel bedding undoubtedly can not meet their demands, but choose colorful, varied style of hotel bedding, and become a new focus. However, this bedding will appear more or less fade problem during cleaning, once fade, it will affect the hotel bedding beautiful look. For the that, it will increase a little trouble to the hotel.

The first trick: Add toilet water – for cotton and wool fabrics: First clean hotel bedding according to conventional methods, After rinse, drop a few drops of toilet water in clean water, and then immerse bedding in it for ten minutes. Benefits: With this method of clean also do disinfection and get rid of the odour of sweaty.

The second measure: acetic acid or vinegar – is for bright color bedding. method for red or purple: Before washing these, add to the water with some vinegar ordinary one will be! But the amount of vinegar can not be too much, otherwise it will easily to stain light-colored bedding. Benefits: If you can wash bedding regularly so you can ensure that the color of bedding as bright as new!

The third measure: Sunning-backside method – is especially effective for dark bedding, this method is very simple, is to turn bedding’s backside while sunning them. Rainbow towel remind you: the majority of the fabric of bedding is not to be exposed to direct sunlight, because UV is bedding fade culprit. So to turn dry, able to do as much as possible on the dark and ventilated place to dry the bedding.

Above this recipe can only play a supporting role, the most fundamental is the most effective solution to the hotel at the time of procurement, to focus on quality, choice excellent reliable quality hotel bedding, thus contributing to the future washing procedures significantly reduce fade phenomenon.

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