Get a Luxury Bathroom With Tips Toward the Ultimate Feminine Chic

The rooms in a home often flow in style, reflecting one overall theme. Other people decide to take on a different approach with interior design, focusing on each different space in the home as individual and a chance to create new themes and exciting styles.

There are many different styles that are typically undertaken in the home although these conventional styles do often overlap. A common feminine look is romance and this is a style which has roots in childhood fairytale yet has progressed into grownup glamour. Romantic style is full of delicate pretty curtains and kitch ornaments. Romantic style also often overlaps with classic sophisticated contemporary chic.

One room which can really benefit from a cosmetic overhaul is the bathroom. This doesn’t mean that you have to put in a new bathroom suite; there are loads of little tricks to make your bathroom the stylish, clean and relaxing place it should be.

One way to brighten up the bathroom is a new lick of paint which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s just like putting a slick of foundation on your skin before a big night out; it leaves the skin tone looking even and rejuvenated, just like the walls in your bathroom will. Making one wall a feature wall with some good quality wallpaper can also make the overall bathroom appearance seem more lavish yet you’ll only need a couple of rolls. Using floral rich patterns always looks super sumptuous.

Tackling the rest of the room is generally quite easy as the walls are the main feature. Always keep carpet out of the bathroom! This is an absolute necessity as when the carpet inevitably gets wet it will become damaged and rot. A cheap way to sort the floor is to borrow an electric sander and then coat with waterproof varnish. You can then put down a fluffy luxury bath matt to finish off the look. Remove all nik-naks and shower curtains etc that are cluttering up the bathroom. This way you can achieve a completely blank canvas before you begin.

A good neutral colour to make your bathroom ultra feminine is white and this doesn’t have to be plain. There are loads of luxury fabric shower curtains in a fab new style which uses thick good quality material which attaches to clear plastic liner, resulting in a really luxurious shower curtain. You can get them in tons of styles but sticking to white will completely exude maximum femininity and you can get the luxury shower curtains in styles which have floral detailing and embedded patterns.

To prevent the bathroom from getting cluttered I would recommend getting two types of shelving. One cabinet for toiletries you don’t want on display. Cotton buds and tampons won’t fit in with the romantic style! Then one area of shelving which can have the odd pretty candle or ornament and also be a place to stack towels.

Buying new luxury towels is a great way to fully indulge the body and not just the decor, and you won’t want to hide these away so the whole look will be one of romantic chic femininity.

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