Big Fluffy Bath Towels, Robes, Slippers, Face Masks, Drinks and Nibbles ? Girls Night in Essentials

Are you getting to the age now where a weekly night out on the town with your friends is a long distant memory? Children, husbands, careers and not to mention bills and mortgages all tend to get in the way, giving you little or no time left for your friends. Time is one of the few things that we can’t buy in this modern world, which also makes it one of the most valuable.

There’s no need to let your friendships suffer though. With a bit of creativity and imagination you could still make time for your girlfriends. The classic girls’ night in is always a crowd pleaser and has the added credit crunch bonus of being as cheap as you want it to be. Babysitters and childminders can literally double the cost of a night out, so why not meet up with your friends in the comfort of your own home? Send your other half out for the evening, chill a few bottles of Chablis, put out some nibbles and play one of your favourite albums. All your other responsibilities will soon fade away.

For a truly indulgent girls night in why not convert your front room into a sumptuous beauty parlour? A few well placed fluffy bath towels, candles and facial treatments will soon get you all in the mood. There are plenty of luxury skincare brands available now where you can purchase face masks and skincare treatments that previously were only available inside salons, so not only will you be left feeling revitalised and reenergised but your skin will look gorgeous too.

To get you truly in the mood you could all invest in a big white bathrobe normally only seen at luxury health spas, which combined with a huge bath towel around your hair will make you feel as if you are on a luxury weekend away together, not chatting away in your front room.

If you feel like a true pamper and detox you could always forsake the wine and use a juicer to make some pure fruit juices. If you fancy adding a twist, grab your blender and have a look on the internet for some mocktail recipes – giving you all the glamour of cocktails without the nasty hangovers!

So grab some fluffy bath towels, a huge white bathrobe and several pampering essentials and get your friends over for the ultimate girls’ night in.

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