Bath towels

Bath towels is a kind of bathroom towels, people use it to dry up the water on the skin and sometimes wrap around the waist. Usually, the bath towels are made of terry cloth, toweling, which with piles of loops on both sides surface. Quality bath towels are mostly made from 100% cotton, which are hydrophilic because of cellulose. As usually, the longer and denser the loops are, the more absorbent the bath towels are.

Bath towels style
Luxury bath towels
Luxury 16s/1 dobby herringbone border bath towels

solid color bath towels are piece dyed.They can be striped, banded or in relief embossed custom logos .
yarn-dyed jacquard bath towels have colorful designs, patterns and logos, bands and stripes.
printed bath towels. There are two ways of printing, one is reactive dye printing which has chemical reaction between it’s fiber and dye agent, the other is pigment printing.
Velour bath towels, sometimes, piles on one side of the bath towels are cut while counter side keep uncut. Velour bath towels give more softness and luxury to the touch.

Bath towels size
In Chinese towel factory the bath towels size usually are as following:

70x140cm 500~750gsm
75x150cm 500~800gsm
80x150cm 500~850gsm
Bath towels yarn

We use worsted ring spun yarn for quality towels

21s/2 or 21s/1 ring spun yarn
32s/2 ring spun yarn
16s/1 spiral ring spun yarn
Bath towels classification

According to occasion of application,bath towels can be classified in to :

household bath towels, this type towels has colorful designs but is not as softness and durable as hotel towels.
Hotel towels and bathhouse towels are usually solid color, mostly are white or light color, simple patterns and designs but are soft, water absorbent and durable.
Spa bath towels are similar to hotel towels, but some times have more colors.

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